Please read carefully for license agreements and requirements of use.

Software and Licensing
Software is provided ‘As Is’. Any additonal edits or changes required may be billable. All software maintenance and updates are done by SiteDart Hosting. Any tampering or attempts to do updates by the customer could lead to billable charges.

SiteDart Hosting holds all licenses for your software for the term of ONE (1) year. After ONE (1) year, all licensing is paid. At this time, you may make any changes you wish, including full administrative access.

Sites belong to the owner while hosted on our servers. If the subscription is cancelled, licensing fees may apply to move elsewhere. As well, non-payment of the monthly fee can lock your site until all overdue fees are paid.

Designs and Layouts are provided by various developers. Copyrights belong to their prospective owners. You are allowed any changes you wish to the design and layout. Changes which affect the usability of the design is not covered by basic support and charges may apply.

Conditions on Use
SiteDart Studio retains the right to display our graphics, logos and other web content elements as examples of their work in their portfolio and as logos on the customers website. If you remove any content or make adjustments to your website, support services may not apply and charges will apply.

You may pay your license fees upfront, which allows you full website control and you may request removal of our branding for a minimal fee.

All licensing is paid for while hosted on our servers. Moving the site before the end of one (1) year may incur licensing fees.

SiteDart Hosting is not responsible for the usability of your site if moved from our hosting servers.

Do it Yourself (DiY)
The Small Business Builder (SMB PRO) is considered “Do it Yourself”. You select your design, add your own content and images. Edits and changes are also done by the owner.

If issues arise, and you need service, fees may apply. Example: Tampering with files or bypassing the self help tools could lead to charges. If we find issues are under the purview of SiteDart Hosting (example: recent updates), we will repair the issue at no charge.

All warranties are while software is hosted on our servers. Warranties are null if site is moved elsewhere. Fees will apply.

You may opt for development by SiteDart Studio if you wish to use the SMB PRO, but need professional development. Fees vary depending on your needs. Request a quote for further information. Terms will be applied per your quote.

Terms of Services
All other terms that apply to the following may be found at https://sitedarthosting.com


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