Adding additional pages to your site

Enhance your website with new pages

To get your website started, you should at least complete the home page. The goal is to get your website launched quickly. Then you build out your website as you progress. If you wish to grow your site, then add new pages and open up more about your business and increase your traffic.



Do you wish to tell a bigger story about your company / non-profit. How about a section about your staff. Show customer testimonials. Or maybe an enhanced Contact Us page?

Follow these guidelines to start adding a page…


(Notice:) Pages are just one part of your websites progress. Blog posts add another dimension to your site. Blog posts are the best way to drive traffic. Especially in unison with your Social Media. These will be discussed later.

As you continue, you can grow into larger projects. Everything from creating appointments online, selling a product, or gathering customer information. And then top it all off with newsletters and social media pushes to make your site a success.


Follow these directions to add your page, edit your page and then publish your page…

Add a Page

To create a page consists of these 3 beginning steps.  Create a Title. Save a Draft.  Build on the Front End.

How to create your new page

Choices are “Scratch” to try your hand at design. “Premade” which allows you to choose an alternate look for this page. “Clone” is to create a copy of home, or any other page.

Choose your Design

If using a ‘Premade’, look to the other page styles for your design…or if you like a design from another layout, grab that instead. You can choose.

(Notice:) All new pages are instantly added to your Main Menu. We will go into this in further detail.

Another note is that the very top of your site (called the HEADER) or the bottom section (FOOTER) need to be edited in a different manner. These will be discussed later in this tutorial. 

edit a page

If you need to edit any pages, the best method is to go to the page you wish to edit and click “Enable Visual Builder”.

If the page is new, instead use “Edit Pages” button.

list of pages

All of the pages you have created for your website will be displayed in this list.

Hold your mouse over a page and then click “Edit”.

edit with visual builder

Once you start editing a page, you will want to move to the visual builder.

Click “Build on the Front End” to enable the visual builder.