Adding Images to your Site

Library of images at your disposal...

The Small Business Pro Website Builder comes with a built in library of images. Just follow the directions to search the large gallery of stock images for your use. Or upload your own images to further personalize your website.


access the library

To get started, simply click “Find Images”. This opens up our image tool…”Instant Images”. From here, you can scroll and browse the available images. Or define your search. Type in “accounting” for example to find all images that pertain to accounting. 


    Adding / Editing images

    To add an image, simply click the image. It will add the file to your Media library. In the upper right of the image is an icon that you may click to see the image full size. In the bottom right is a gear. Click to rename your image to make it easier to find, and add an “Alt Tag”. Alt tags should describe the image and include something about your business. 

      (Notice:) When adding your own images, it is important to not overload your website. Images should be resized and compressed for use on your site. The library does this automatically.

      If using your own images, we suggest the following sizes for various images.

      • 1920 pixels wide for banner (large) images. Usually the top image of a page.
      • 800 pixels wide for in the page images.
      • 400 pixels or less for logos and staff images, etc.

      To make images smaller in filesize (like 1mb) there is a service called where you can shrink your images to make your website load as fast as possible.


      After you add images from the stock gallery, you can review them in your “Media Library”. All images (and other media files like PDF) can be accessed here. Please note: This area is mainly to review images, or to add your own. You can also remove media items here as well.

      use an image on your site

      When it comes time to add images, you should use the various modules in the visual builder. If you selected a design there may already be images there. One of the most common ways to add an image is using the ‘Image’ Module.

      background / banner image

      Certain sections of your site may have a “background” instead of an image module. Usually the top section of a website, called the Banner. When you cannot find the image, check either the SECTION or ROW to see if a background is used. See example..

      text editor / blurb

      Two other modules that house images are the basic TEXT module and the BLURB module. The TEXT module will have abutton called “Add Media” to insert images from your library. BLURB’s have their own image section (plus you can also use a built in Icons as your image)

      The end of ADDING IMAGES