Editing Company Information

Getting Started

To help your customers / visitors understand who you are, you should brand your website. Small Business Pro Website Builder has several sections to add your company name, email address, phone number and social media.

This tutorial will focus on each aspect of Company Information.


Editing business information

Small Business Builder Dashboard helps you get started on editing your business information. Click the menu item ‘Editing Business Info’ in the left menu. Each section in this tutorial allows you to make changes with a link to change that specific business information.

The following edits can be made here…

  • ‘Change Email and Phone’ 
  • ‘Edit Business Name and Tagline’
  • ‘Add logo and edit Social Media’

Click the images in the business info section (to the right) to get a larger view. Click the buttons to access that module and make your changes.


This tutorial will allow you to add information that search engines will look at when visiting your site. So, to make sure you get the most out of your website, choose a well made logo, use an email address that uses your website name (example: if mycompany.com is your website, then an info@yourcompany.com is a good catch all email address to create) and set up Social Media.

In today’s world, Social Media is a must to get more traffic to your website. At a minimum, create a Facebook page, but also setup Twitter. Facebook can automatically post to your Twitter. For more information on this feature, read HERE


Personalize your site further

Once you have completed the above steps, you have a few more options available. First up, Change From Email. (this is located on the Dashboard menu, left of the screen in the “Administration” section).

We always suggest creating an email address first with your domain name. (Example: if website is mycompany.com, create an email address info@mycompany.com). This then should be the default “catch-all” email address for all communications with your website. (OF NOTE: If you decide to forego using your domain and use an external service like Gmail, email delivery cannot always be guaranteed. If you want all communication from your site to reach you, make sure to create an info@ or a personal email address like First.Lastname@mycompany.com)


Personalize your profile

As your site progresses, it is also important to note information about yourself and your company. Another way to do this is to edit ‘Your Profile’. This information will be shown as the author of the site (including articles you may write). 

This is about you, so the social media links may either be direct company links, or your personal links. 



This ends the basics of information training.