Launch your new Website

Show the world your new site

The Small Business Pro Website Builder can help you create a stunning website. So, once you complete your masterpiece, it is time to show the world.


Launching your website

Launching your website consists of our “1-2-3” step plan.

  • Disable the “Coming Soon” page
  • Verify all information on your site is correct
  • Make your site searchable by Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. and Submit your site to Google to speed up indexing

Verify all links are working and your main menu is setup properly. Make sure all of your pages have proper content before submitting the site to Google. For example: Is the phone number, email and business address correct?

Lets step further into launching your site.

(Notice:) When launching your new site, make sure you also use Social Media to your advantage. Tell the world via Facebook and Twitter about your site.  Any type of traffic like this triggers Google to make sure your website is indexed.

Disable the "Coming Soon" page

The first step to make your website live is to disable the “Coming Soon” page. Follow these instructions to turn this off (and note: You can come back at anytime to re-enable this feature if you need to do work on your website.


Verify All Information

Lets verify that all data is ready for your launch. Company information and email addresses are key.


Make your site searchable

Next, we dissable a feature which blocks Google from searching your site. turn this off and then submit your website to Google.


Site Submission to Google

Open a new tab or window in your browser. Then copy and paste in the following to your address bar. (Replace with your domain name.)


This ends your website launch

Make sure to review some of our advanced articles and continue working with your website. Contact us if you have issues or wish to purchase any addons.